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A conversation about our neighbourhood

Last Wednesday the neighborhood association came together physically for the first time at the neighborhood barn!

This time we had a special guest, CDA councilor Remco van Dooren. Remco conducted a survey some time ago about safety in the neighborhoods of Eindhoven and about the cooperation between residents' organizations with the municipality, the police, enforcement and WIJeindhoven. And that's how Remco ended up at our neighborhood association!

He now follows us on social media and was curious about us and our beautiful neighbourhood. We have therefore invited him to our place in Vredeoord to talk about what is going on here.

You could register for the conversation with Remco via Facebook and Instagram and we asked you questions about: What is going on in this neighbourhood? What do you like in the neighbourhood? And what could be better?. A number of points have emerged from this and we have discussed them.

Curious about what has been discussed and what actions we will take? Then quickly read the overview!

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